Ancillary Products

Ultra fine fiber towel

No scratch was wiped; not dropping; water quantity of the product is 6 times the towel is 2 times the buckskin towel.
The product has strong electrostatic attraction ability, the small corner of dust can be cleaned out especially for wiping automotive interior and dashboard, cushion and so on.
The use of the product as machine oil dirt, with a general washing method can remove the surface, leaving no traces of oil.

【use guide】
1 car beauty—— multifunction senior towel
Suitable for automotive interior dashboard, leather chairs, glass objects such as clean protection: protection agent is sprayed on the surfaces with a towel to wipe, wet and dry dual-use, with towel wipe the surface dirt and dust, the surface is not out batting and absorbent.
2 car paint - wipe wax, polishing towel
First with a towel to clean the body, the sponge dip wax evenly coated on the paint, waiting for the car wax was solidified, with a towel for polishing treatment.
3 plated crystal - special towel
Plated crystal applied to paint, stay for a long time need to use a dry towel gently rubbing.

Ultra fine fiber towel

Superabsorbent: superfine fiber by orange petal type filament will be divided into eight petal, the fiber surface area is increased in the, woven fabric pores increase, by capillary core pumping effect and enhance the effect of water absorption, quick absorption and fast varying does for its remarkable characteristic.
Ultra fine fiber towel

Strong detergency: diameter 0.4um micro fiber fineness is 1 / 10 of silk and its special cross section can more effectively capture ranging from a few microns dust particles, decontamination, to the effect of the oil is very significant.

Ultra fine fiber towel
Removal: high-strength synthetic fiber filament, not easy to break. At the same time, the use of concise weave, not spinning, not off the ring, fibers are not easy to shed from the surface of the towel.