Spent more than a decade after the car to the beauty shop af

This picture by the Japanese KISHO Glass Coating manufacturers in the Japanese construction shop shooting vehicle pictures, the owner arrived at the store is the following picture of the situation, the owner to see the store has been doing crystal construction of the vehicle, curious advice plating function, after After the explanation, the owner to rest assured that the car to the construction technician, their own things to go out, because this owner is the store's old customers.

                                         Just arrived at the store did not do any processing of paint

                                         Construction halfway, take pictures to do contrast

                                   The end of the construction, the whole car is not a new look

Si-701 and Si-901 double-layer superplated crystal, better and longer protection of automotive paint at the same time, play the highest performance of the 3D plating film layer, with improved gloss, hydrophobicity, anti-fouling performance. After the construction with X-03 protective agent, in the plating film layer hardening stage to play the role of protective film, and can effectively avoid the emergence of rain marks to achieve the perfect plating effect.