The major search engines are rare car plating crystal tips

The major search engines are rare car plating crystal tips
The rapid development of the network era, we have the first question is to check the Internet, or "Baidu" look, "google" look, although the current domestic ban on access, but other browsers are also in possession of the market, with the " 360 search "," Sogou search "," will search "," easy to search "and so on. Can think of the problem will be on the Internet to get a good answer, there are new coupons small coupons, of course, in this talented people to play a small look.

For individuals, be sure not to carry out their own car plating independent construction, the possibility of failure is very large.
First, the environmental factors associated with the plating process are listed
1, indoor humidity
2, indoor light
3, indoor ventilation
4, indoor is clean
5, indoor temperature
Paint Condition Factor
1, the car's life
2, whether the original paint factory
3, paint color
4, paint the use of the situation
Technical factors for construction personnel
1, car polishing level
2, whether the skim is careful
3, car washing technology assessment
4, iron powder removal is missing
5, whether the plating process in accordance with the process
6, after the construction of copper waiting time

Owners factor
1, immediately after the crystal car with a collision
2, within 20 hours after plating crystal encountered rain
3, plating a week car wash
4, a short time to take the sand road
5, a short time encountered strong acid and alkali or sea water
The above factors one by one list: craftsmen decorated a small trick in mind, mistakes no longer come to the door.
Car paint is not a universal paint, its life with the maintenance of the future has a great relationship, therefore, pay attention to good future maintenance, if properly maintained, it will help extend the life of the car paint crystal plating and improve the crystal The performance.