KISHO GLASS COATING Benefits after construction.

KISHO GLASS COATING Benefits after construction:
1, easy to wash, save time and effort; because it has a strong anti-fouling and water splashing, dust is not easy to stick, easy to clean, so that daily care becomes more convenient.
2, long-term protection, high cost / performance; precision and smooth film with super strong adhesion, long perfect protection of paint, reduce the number of frequent wax seal glaze and cost, the real protection of paint to achieve high cost.
3, transparent luster, beautiful appearance; excellent permeability, so that the glossy glossy finish. Mirror-like light reflectivity, filling the paint character to make the paint look more dazzling.
4, super flexibility and hardness: assigned to the flexibility of the crystalline film, effectively alleviate the rapid driving, the gravel on the paint caused by the damage. 5, multi-effect protection, preservation and appreciation: the film itself will not oxidize and prevent the outside of the acid rain, dust, insect corpses, guano and urban type of dirt and other paint on the corrosion, while anti-ultraviolet function to prevent paint paint fade, So that the paint as bright as the new value of the role of hedging.