How to deal with the car after the crystal plate often appea

How to deal with the car after the crystal plate often appear rain problems.

The durability of the crystal product is related to the conditions of the paint, the frequency of use after the construction, the storage environment and so on. The crystal is the complete crystal hardening product with the silica as the main component, and the adhesion is super, but according to the time The effect of the transition, the brightness and the splashing effect will gradually weaken, so according to the status of the vehicle we have to regular conservation, due to natural environmental problems, regular maintenance of the time is different, normal we craftsmen in Japan test, one year is not any Conservation effect is still continuing, but in the country, we recommend that customers at least once a year to maintain conservation, to maintain the brightness of the crystal and splashing effect and just do the same time.

In addition to the near to avoid the crystal after the emergence of water marks the problem, I use glass fiber as the main component of the curing agent, the deposition of crystal film curing, more than 95% to avoid the rain marks and water marks.
Pure fluoride products are very good water retention and durability, but their high prices and product storage problems and other issues are not used.

Now there are some fluorine-based maintenance products on the market, the price is very cheap, this is not pure fluorine products, but fluorine resin, not the above-mentioned pure fluorine, fluorine resin has good water, but after One or two car wash will be out, very low persistence.