Car fall maintenance "soft underbelly" every detail do no

Car fall maintenance "soft underbelly" every detail do not let go.
Near the fall of the occasion, people most likely to cold sick, cars such as people, if the care is not good, the same easy to have this or that problem. In the temperature rise and fall to increase the conditions, the circuit, air conditioning, tires and many other external or internal parts prone to problems, in a timely manner to a full range of maintenance, for the car smooth through the fall, safe and smooth driving every One day is vital.
        The face of the car, the face of a person, the maintenance of a car is very important. At present, when the season, autumn dew more, and sometimes to the early morning, always see the crystal beads hanging in the car body above. But this is not worth a good record of good scenes, if the body itself has a crack or rubbing, dew is likely to seriously corrode the body rust.

The following autumn maintenance techniques, every move for the car autumn maintenance of the "soft underbelly", and strokes hit the key.
       Wipers aging to be replaced:
       Due to the high temperature and rainy summer, the wipers of rubber wipes are prone to aging. If you find is not very timely, when you want to use it, you will find a small trouble. And glass water should be added in time.
       Car beauty essential:
       Autumn morning, dew more, the car surface is often very wet, if your car has a clear scratches on the surface, should be done in time to paint, so as not to scratches the site of moisture and corrosion. At the time of the season, it is best for your car's surface to do a cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing glaze or coating and a series of beauty conservation.
       Car dust often do:
       Some of the female car owners like to put plush toys in the car, but doing so will make a lot of dust or bacteria. In addition, the foot pad, seat gap, inside the door, dashboard, carpet, seat, trunk are also dust, bacteria easy to accumulate the place, plus the car interior space is limited, strong car compartment, car The air is not easy to convection, harmful substances are more likely to breed, the summer hot weather catalyzes the development of these harmful "forces". So in the fall, the best of the car's interior and components to do a thorough cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the door shaft, rails due to the invasion of the sand and the impact of car wash is easy to rust, open, off when it will be abnormal sound, this problem as long as the regular coating on the anti-rust oil can be resolved.
       Multi-run high-speed reduction of carbon deposition:
       In winter, the owner often face slow speed, emergency refueling tempering, start difficult and so on, which shows that your car valve may have been carbonized. Therefore, the autumn should do more checks to see if there is carbon deposition phenomenon, and timely to the maintenance station testing, maintenance. In addition, you can also run more highways, try to improve the hand block shift speed, to prevent carbon deposition.
       Charging system check:
       To focus on checking whether the generator belt in the rainy season or hot weather burning sun under the phenomenon of aging or cracking occurred. If you do not have the above situation, but also remember to look at the belt tightness. The belt is too loose, will cause the belt of the clamor, so that the belt early wear. Belt too tight, it will cause the generator bearing partial grinding.
       Normal tire pressure puncture tire:
       Tire is the car's "foot", in the vehicle safe driving, the role of pivotal. In the summer, due to the high temperature, often check the tire pressure, can not let the tire pressure is too high, otherwise there will be puncture risk, and in the fall, because the temperature is relatively low, the tire will add air pressure, let it remain in the prescribed Pressure range. At the same time, should also check whether the tire scratches, rubber in the autumn and winter season is easy to hard and brittle, easy to leak the tires, and even tires.
       Do not use water instead of antifreeze:
       Some owners like to use tap water instead of antifreeze in the summer, this approach is very undesirable. In the cooler weather, if you can not replace the car antifreeze, in the event of sudden drop in temperature of the weather, is likely to affect the normal work of the car cooling system. Under normal circumstances, the use of car antifreeze for two years, if the owner in the summer is the use of antifreeze, as long as no more than the use of time, do not rush to replace. If you are using tap water, you need to replace it immediately.
       Glass slot often clean:
       Autumn rainy, car glass tank will slowly accumulate dust and other rain left left behind the acid-base material, which will affect the normal lift of the glass. If the owner in order to facilitate the quick, you can first use a small amount of water into the slot, spare time to buy detergent appropriate irrigation, in the traffic attention to the upper and lower glass, so that the lubricant covered in the slot evenly.
       Brake system check:
       More observation brake fluid is sufficient, there is no reduction in quality, if necessary, should be added or replaced. The brake fluid must be replaced once for two years. Always check whether the brake has become weak, deviation, brake pedal pedaling force has changed, if necessary, clean up the entire brake system piping part.
       Windshield defrosting can not be discounted:
       Autumn weather cooler, the temperature will appear when the frost, in this season, with particular attention to the windshield under the defrost outlet is normal, the heat is enough, if there is a problem, to be resolved in time, or windshield defrost out Once the outlet problems will give winter driving will bring a lot of trouble and insecurity.
       Before the air conditioning replacement:
       Summer weather is hot, high temperatures, car air conditioning is often overloaded, and because of the summer rain more, the car will often take some wading pavement, resulting in the lower part of the air conditioning condenser contaminated with a lot of sediment, a long time will make the condenser Rust, from shortening the service life of air conditioning, so enter the fall, for the car air conditioning to do a maintenance is very important.
       Key to the battery:
       In the fall, the car battery electrode wiring is the most vulnerable to the problem, check if the electrode wiring at the green oxide, must use water to wash away, these green oxide will cause the generator power shortage, so that the battery in the Loss of power, serious cause the battery to scrapped, or can not start the car. Battery electrolyte can not be deficient, to keep the lead plate submerged 10 mm as well, and check the proportion of electrolyte to maintain the amount of charge, if the battery is insufficient, it is easy to crack in the cold. Vehicles driving for about three years should consider replacing the battery.