Car lacquer plated crystal after how to deal with the preven

Water marks attached, rain, tap water through the heat of the sun light in the paint surface for rapid evaporation of the left mark. The companys plating crystal product development while taking into account as far as possible to avoid wate


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About water repellent products, hydrophilic products

【About water repellent products, hydrophilic products】 Glass Coating big concepts into water repellent and hydrophilic type. Water repellent products is the main component of silicone, hydrophilic product main component silazane. The co

Glass Coating Si-701 construction process

Si-701 glass coating agent practice method: 1. Drip Si-701 glass coating agent to coating sponge for 7-10 drops, first swear it laterally, then swear it vertically with # pattern, recommended at 50cm*50cm for each practice area, and note th

Si-901 glass coating Construction process

Si-901 glass coating agent practice method 1. Before smearing glass coating, spray a thin layer of moisture on the glass coating area evenly (upon smearing moisture does not drop being benchmark); 2. Drip Si-901 glass coating agent to glass

Plated crystal car paint adhesion description

First, do not use that paint plated crystal materials testing, materials and other paint ingredients in different environments, can not detect the correct product; Secondly, you need to apply the paint plating crystal by forming a film afte

About Automotive plated crystal coating color problem

Misconception: transparent crystalline non-yellowing is a good plating crystal products! Correct understanding: Different plating crystal products, due to different components, different formulations, whose colors vary. For example kisho Si

Hand in hand kisho glass coating in Brazil

Japan kisho car paint plated crystal agents around the world already occupy a certain market, with quality and price combined with the brands history, quickly recognized by consumers. Because only focus plated crystal research and developmen

plated crystal six advantagesplated crystal six advantages

Advantage: Prevent damage from ultraviolet ray,high temperature, acidity, oxidize, and give double protection. Strong adhere, last longer. Flat and smooth surface, penetrating as a mirror. Good quality,worthwhile price,the first choice for

A new car should do coatingA new car should do coating

All the spare part in your car can be changes, but the car service center wont help you change or maintenance for your car painting. So thats why your new car should do coating too. It can protect your surface of car and make the beautiful c

Kisho coating resultKisho coating result

Effect: After coating on car,it will have 3D quality and penetrating as a mirror. no matter what model of car, after coating it will look like a car like wearing a crystal outlet clothing,honorable and gorgeous but still look purify,kisho c