Whether the color of the crystals can be used as good platin

Error understanding: crystal transparent not yellowing is good product. Correct understanding: different plating crystal products, because of the different components, different formula, rendering the color will be different. Such as KISHO

Whether the content of silica decided to plating the stand o

In the domestic market, we will find a lot of businesses are in propaganda, plating crystalline silica content of the products is 45%, 60%, 80%, 90%, and so on, this is just to distinguish their brand products stunt, and not according to th

Plating crystal wiping and construction failure of remedial

Plating crystal wipe the notes that are as follows 1Plating crystal when wiping must choose new microfiber towel to wipe,Can not use it will take to use towel to wipe. 2Both in dry towel and wet towel to wipe the surface of the dont repeat,

Contact Angle of glass coating

Contact Angle: refers to the gas, liquid and solid three phase node location of tangent to the gas-liquid interface through the liquid and the Angle between the solid-liquid boundary theta. Can measure the contact Angle is used to calculate

Why use kisho x-03 protectant?

Lets say finished plating crystal paint: why do you want to use x - 03 protectant? 1Finished crystal car membrane plating layer, the process and it takes time to fully hardened when the film was afraid of water, if encounter a rainy day can

The durability problem of glass coating

The durability of glass coating is related to many external factors,as follow: 1After plating glass coating takes care of the environment of the vehicle:During the day and night parking environment sample:Vehicles parked in indoor parking l

Car paint after plating crystal water mark how to handle and

The reason of the water mark attachment, rain water, tap water by solar heat in the car paint surface after rapid evaporation. The company plating crystal product research and development at the same time considering the as far as possible t

Car paint coating construction prophase processing.

If it is not a new car, need to paint treatment before plating crystal construction, starting to iron powder, use kisho clay to remove. Use the following figure.

The difference between automotive beauty products

To paint the maintenance mode is polishing, plating, sealing glaze that several, but each time in the face of these but I do not know how to choose. Words what is the difference between these paint maintenance, which is the most suitable for

Analysis the car paint coating crystal development inevitabi

The principle of plating crystal as follow: Differs from that of wax crystal, sealing glaze and plating coating of concept, is the crystallization of true protective film layer on the surface of the paint, strong adhesion of the film, not ea

Why do you want to protect the paint?

In addition to the cause of the environment, the car paint their ownflaws also let us have to curing them in a timely manner. As you allknow, car paint contains a certain ingredients of the solvent, onlyafter solvent evaporation surface har

The choice of the polishing machine

Choose of polishing machine For serious reticulation and scratches, only through professional polishing repair. Paint due to grinding and polishing can wear, if you have a lot of fearful on polishing , actually dont have to. For moderate and

the question about applying the 901

wSi-901 construction required sprinkler reasons: delaying the crystallization rate of Si-901 products, while allowing the applicator and wipe easier. Not prone to failure. hy applying the Si901, sparying the water, Because the composition of

Product Description about Si-811

Si-811 glass coating agent, is featured with advantageous performances of enhancing finish glossiness, water repellency and anti-fouling, forming a genuine protective film to car paint. Combined practice with X-03 protectant after practice,