does crystal or liquid is able to ignite

We must first understand the customer , ask the question is to prove anything . There are many businesses promote it on the market now, the point of non-combustible inorganic , organic, can be ignited. This argument is not correct , either t

the process of the glass coating

when you finish applying the glass coating, the time of hardening is very important. you need these question as follow: The initial hardening time of the film is within 24 hours, In order to speed up the initial hardening process of the fil

the questions from consumer

We KISHO glass coating, we can receive and like, not publicity, but the quality of our brand products, customers because of the quality of the product, ask us questions. 1, how is the quality of your products with other brands? In fact, the

the processes about samples

About sample processesfirst step, packaging. second step, a single bottle. third step, boxing. fourth step is packaging. fifth step, fill in the express delivery. sixth step, sending. we have prepare for the sample for you, what are you doi

Japan kisho plated crystal factory construction over vehicle

kisho glass coating Advantage ① consistent quality, performance and stability: insiders know, the silicon raw material batches unstable situation. To ensure the excellent quality of our products, we have chosen with the internationally re

what can we offer about the samples?

Our free simple is: 1、Si-701 glass coating of paint----one bottle (30ml) 2、Si-901 glass coating of paint----one bottle(30ml) 3、Si-811 glass coating of paint----one bottle (30ml) 4、Si-02 wheel coating----one bottle (20ml) 5、

KISHO Glass coating and you

Another Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, year after year, KISHO thank you for the support and love, and we all have gone through KISHO another spring and autumn, with quality, and quality we KISHO conquered all, all with their own professiona

how to study and understand its durability on basis of damag

In Kishos experiment lab, there are average one hundred of cars to be tested daily. It is less meaningful to experience glass coating on newer car models and older luxury models such as Porsche, Ferrari, whose surface painting condition is g

Silicon content in our products

80% to 95% Since customers ask how much does Silicon content , it must be that the content of more is better , so explain to him : Many types of silicon feedstock , there is less than 100 yuan a kilogram , there are a few thousand dollars a

Product hardening problem

The temperature at 25 degrees, the film surface hardening takes two days, the film is completely hardened takes about one week. During this period, try to avoid the rain and dew. In winter the temperature is relatively low, the curing time w

the ways to solove the long time you did not wipe glass coat

here are several basic conditions and treatment methods according to the degree of hardening time wiping film ① drying time is too long, feeling bad push: first Wipe with a wet towel,second wipe with a dry towel ② can not afford to deal

Inner and outer beauty---KISHO Glass coating

Good in the world are inner and outer beauty, short and bright appearance is only temporary, and not for a long time, inner and outer beauty Kisho is the kingly way. We can not only provide attractive appearance for you, but also provide th

the time to wipe Our KISHO glass coating

KISHO Glass Coating drying time and temperature and humidity both inextricably linked. The following is the technical staff are given reference time: temperature at the time of 10 degrees, wait for eight minutes, the temperature at the time

Si-811 glass coating agent practice method

Si-811 glass coating agent practice method 1. Drip Si-811 glass coating agent to coating sponge for 7-10 drops, first swear it laterally, then swear it vertically with # pattern, recommended at 50cm*50cm for each practice area, and note the

the share from our Ameriacan client.

Thank you very much for us customer feedback and sharing of our product satisfaction is our greatest encouragement, we share his customers and construction of our products pictures, not only reflects the effect of our products, showing his e