the contection that you and our KISHO glass coating

If you weeped for the missing sunset, you would miss all the shining stars. Since missed before all, it is better to cherish now and in the future and life have all missed just to meet more good things, is to meet the most suitable. In you

the reason client like KISHO glass coating

how to buy a make you satisfied with the products, this is a big problem, first of all, you have to love the product. For example, our KISHO glass coating. why do you love it? First, KISHO glass coating have good quality. because we have fa

Best combine of KISHO glass coating Si701 and Si901-Kisho Pr

Kisho Premium Glass Coating Kit Si-701 and Si-901 double film glass coating overlay, protects vehicle finish with excellent and extended durability, consolidating top-level 3D glass coating film, which is featured with superior performances

the question about free samples

Our samples are free of charge, but the freight customers bear, of course, the customer does not include our agent country. There is an agreement between us and the agency, which is the principle of our company. Some customers will ask us wh

the way to apply the Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-0

Product features:Main ingredient of X-03 protectant is silicone resin, featured with extremely strong adhesiveness to the glass coating film, which is astringent after practice whilst rendering super-strong water-repellency effectiveness. I

quantity of our KISHO glass coating free samples

Our company in order to promote the popularity of our product, and expand the market, we provide free samples to new customers, we do not include a state of the agent. Samples include car body paint glass coating and wheel coating. The effec

the position of our KISHO glass coating

Do not arbitrarily to evaluate a product, just as you cannot free evaluation a person, because you dont know what this experience did. Products is the same, Kisho coating glass as a brand, not by the packaging beautiful, cheap price, but ou


Now has a lot of glass coating products in the market, clients can not distinguish which glass coating is better, how to better, we Kisho now have an activity, we provide free samples, you only need to pay the freight, you can get we Kisho

Glass coating Kisho the amount of a car

Si-701, the amount of each SUV is 30 ml, the amount of each car is 20 ml; Si-901 plated crystal, each car SUV dosage is 20 ml, the amount of each car is 15-20 ml; KISHO Glass Coating more times, the thicker the film, the effect is to protec

KISHO Wheel Coating

KISHO Wheel CoatingWiping-free fast-dry glass coating product, can increase wheels brightness, extend durability, enhance water repellency, greatly enhance anti-fouling property and self-cleanliness, and reduce fouling attachment. Our wheel

How do we test our KISHO glass coating products, and throu

In Kishos experiment lab, there are average one hundred of cars to be tested daily.In Kishos experiment lab, there are average one hundred of cars to be tested daily. It is less meaningful to experience glass coating on newer car models and

the KISHO Glass coating effect of one used car

This car has been 10 years old, after the finish Glass Coating, at least 5 years younger. 【We dont use the new construction, instead of using a used car, because the used car paint is more complex, can be better understood in damage to th

The way to practice Kisho Deluxe Glass Coating Kit Manual

Finish treatment before vehicle glass coating is dependent on finish conditions, and it is critical to the practice, for inferior treatment may influence the adhesiveness and basic performance of glass coating film, thus please determine whe


This is our KISHO high-quality goods kit we are factory direct sales, can satisfy the customers of our products of different requirements, if you want to have own plated crystal brand, quality assurance, we KISHO will provide solution accor

KISHO product effect

We KISHO developed products, adhering to a responsible for our customers for the principle, continue to improve, further improve the quality of KISHO. Effect diagram shows, as shown in figure, is our new products, the introduction of every