Japanese nano glass crystal in the "Mexico"

KISHO glass coating in Mexico is very popular, the Mexican agents feedback part of the picture to the headquarters in Japan, because it has been attention crystalline plating, so more professional, effects on the quality of the products are

The changes that KISHO can bring

Effect:- After coating on car,it will have 3D quality and penetrating as a mirror. no matter what model of car, after coating it will look like a car like wearing a crystal outlet clothing,honorable and gorgeous but still look purify,kisho c

how to pratice kisho auto wheel coating

Si-02 wheel glass coating practice method 1. Completely clear fouling attached on the wheel hub, and use a air gun to blow off moisture until it is completely dry; 2. Drip Si-02 wheel glass coating agent on coating cloth, and smear the whee

The glass coating effect from customer

This is from our South Korean customer feedback, professional construction technology to perfect the display of our products. Thank you very much trust us, in the future days we go hand in hand.

Our Kisho team in brazil practice glass coating Si701 succes

Vitrificao com Kisho Si-701 Mercedes Benz CLC 200 Kompressor. Por : Alessandro Sievers. Parabns Alessandro e equipe da Sievers Esttica Automotiva, Mogi Mirim SP Mais um excelente trabalho muito bem executado, Realizado com o vitrificador Ki

kISHO- plating crystal professional brand

Crystalline plating or KISHO. We have a professional team for your doubts. Hui carpenter is a brand, is a look at the issue from the perspective of customers manufacturers. In order to tens of thousands of car owners, we will work harder!

how to make a crystal

KISHO Glass Coating-- on how to make a crystal, the first step to find a container box (can be expanded spring cap); The second step, we KISHO Glass Coating liquid poured into it (to pour two thirds of the amount) ; The third step is still o

paint glass coating performance: This is the same place, rai

KISHO Glass Coating is a group of serious work, pragmatic people. When we encounter customer feedback doubt, will personally take the product for testing, and then give the customer the right answer, because KISHO professional R & D producti

Japan NANO Glass Coating as popular in "Mexico"

Japan KISHO Glass Coating is the same very popular in Mexico,

KISHO Glass Coating In Brazil

Here is the return of the Brazilian customer feedback and construction photos.

901 effect of KISHO

Plated crystal, choose KISHO, give you a different feeling, KISHO has been sold all over the world, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, India, what are you still in KISHO tell you what is the high quality plating.

Car paint thickness below

We according to the gb QC T paint quality standard, 484-1999 of vehicle paint thickness of the minimum limit. What is the minimum limit, that is, beyond the paint quality, first is how much the car paint cannot under um is qualified. Accord

How to distinguish the real plating crystal products

The real plating to characteristics of crystal products,as follow: 1.Colorless insipidity is pure inorganic products, it does not contain any volatile organic matter cause acidic cracking, so its not cracking, no oxidation, it is to prote

the adhesion of glass coating

theadhesionof glass coating, mainly depends on the following reasons It is relationship with the storage conditions after construction vehicles , construction over theglass coating ofsame two cars , one carunder the sun of one day with wind,

How long applying glass coating with curing agent?

After Applying glass coating, We generally recommend about six months to do a maintenance, according glass coating frequency of use of vehicles and storage environment to regular maintenance . When maintenance use iron remover iron powder an