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Kisho Si-701 Glass Coating


Si-701 Kisho Glass Coating 

Product features:
The Si-701 glass coating agent is featured with superior performances of improving finish glossiness, water-repellency and anti-fouling properties, recommended to combine with Si-901 practice to achieve premium coating overlay, which consolidate top-level 3D glass coating film whilst protecting vehicle finish with excellent and extended durability. Combined practice with X-03 protectant after practice, can protect the coating film in its hardening stage, and also can effectively prevent raindrop imprint, enabling perfect glass coating effectiveness. 
  Si-701 Kisho Glass Coating 
【Dosage】One liter liquid construction34 cars, each car was 30ml
【Storage method 】
1. Sealed storage in shade, optimal for 4-20℃ (avoid                    

     high temperature and freezing);
2. Please store out of the range within children touch. 
Storage method 
1. Sealed storage in shade, optimal for 4-10℃ (avoid high temperature
     and freezing);
2. Please store out of the range within children touch. 

1. Drip Si-701 glass coating agent to coating sponge for 7-10 drops, first swear it laterally, then swear it vertically with "#" pattern, recommended at 50cm*50cm for each practice area, and note the usage quantity, since excessive usage per time may lead to non-uniform smearing or wiping obstruction;

2. Postpone for 2-8 minutes after smearing, then use a dry towel to clear surface residue whilst wiping the glass coating film with polishing brightness. Wiping duration recommendation: 30℃=within 3 min, 20℃=within 5 min, 10℃=within 8 min, glass coating hardening rate is directly correlated with temperature and humidity, thus it is recommended to measure local temperature and humidity before determining the wiping duration;

3. Check wiping omission for each part under completion, until the whole vehicle is covered;

4. Complete subsequent practices according to Si-901 glass coating agent and X-03 protectant practice procedures.

1. Do not smear the whole vehicle by one time, to avoid difficulty of post-hardening treatment, please carry out practice part by part;
2. While wiping dry, observe the surface in well lighted location, to avoid remaining residue, and if indoor illumination is inferior, drive the vehicle outdoor to conduct inspection and wiping in full range, to ensure perfect practice quality;
3. After practice, complete hardening of the coating film requires around 1 week, thus do not engage water or rinse the vehicle before complete hardening;
4. This product is a mild irritant to human body, please wear protective gloves if allergic with its practice.