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X-01 coating agent

Name: X-01 coating agent
Dosage: 25 ml per pallet
Price: one liter to do 40 cars or so
Performance: water skiing coating agent, non crystalline products, silicon and glaze perfect combination, can improve the brightness of the car paint, strong pollution resistance, allow the paint becomes particularly smooth, splashing effect is very good. Construction technical requirements, anyone can operate suggestions for no crystalline plating paint. In Japan lasts up to six months or so.

Construction method
clean the paint, dry the body, superfine fiber towels soaked twist dry, the Meiji Japanese car 2 spray on the towel 4 - 5 times (about half a hood amount), smear should be according to first transverse and longitudinal alternating direction method is uniform linear smear, smear after a board, immediately use the stem of a microfiber towel body can polish. The next day will show very good brightness and splashing.
This product operation is particularly simple, the effect is very significant, more diversified sales methods, not only the professional construction of the store can be used, individual owners can also be used as the sales target.
24 hours after the construction does not recommend the car wash