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KISHO X-02 Maintain agent for glass coating layer

Name: KISHO X-02 Maintain agent for glass coating layer
Dosage: 25 ml per pallet
Price: one liter to do 40 car or so
product ingredient: silicone resin
product features:
1 After plating the crystal construction, in the initial hardening of the film after the use of crystal curing agent, can effectively avoid Avoid the rain, and play a role in the protection film plated crystal hardening stage;
2 After plating crystal construction, brightness and water allocation effect will be reduced according to the use of the car,When can the construction plated crystal curing agent, to supplement the paint and brightness of the water repellent effect.
To avoid high temperature and frozen storage; avoid direct sunlight; please do not put Save in the vehicle.
Construction method
 After wiping the body, the plating crystal curing agent is sprayed onto the wet towel to dry the wet towel.Alternating vertical coating, and then dry towel polishing, complete a layout of the construction.

1. before use to gently shake before use;
2. the amount of an engine cover is about 3-4;
3. please do not apply the paint is placed after the matter, immediately with a dry towel rub;
4. Please operate under the condition of complete cooling of the body;
5.12 please avoid touching water within 5 hours after construction.
Do not drink;
Please put in the place where children can not get away from children.
Drinking and strayed into the eyes, immediately consult a doctor diagnosis;
Not for the car outside other uses.