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Kisho X-03 premuam top coating

Product features:
Main ingredient of X-03 protectant is silicone resin, featured with extremely strong adhesiveness to the glass coating film, which is astringent after practice whilst rendering super-strong water-repellency effectiveness. It not only excellently protects the glass coating film, but also prevents raindrop imprint by 90%, thus is a requisite maintenance product of coating practice. 
Precautions before the practice 
1. Avoid practice under burning sun;
2. Avoid practice in temperature environment under 10℃;
3. Please carry out practice under complete cool-off state of the vehicle body;
4. After glass coating practice, postpone for above 2 hours to exercise subsequent X-03 protectant practice;
5. Upon later maintenance after 3-6 months, please rinse the vehicle body clean and blow off the moisture using a air gun;
6. Please read practice manual in details and follow practice procedures therein.
X-03 protectant practice method 
1. Jiggle before practice, spray X-03 protectant on the finish, 4 to 5 times for half the hood.;
2. Use a dry towel to gently wipe in alternate lateral and vertical linearly, then use another dry towel to wipe with polishing brightness to complete;
3. It is recommended a practice of X-03 protectant for every 3-6 months of the vehicle to better protect the glass coating film.
Notice: Do not use excessive quantity leading to nonuniform practice.
1. Do not smear the whole vehicle by one time, to avoid difficulty of post-hardening treatment, please carry out practice part by part;
2. Avoid engaging water or rinsing the vehicle within 24 hours after practice.
Storage method 
1. Sealed storage in shade, optimal for 4-20℃ (avoid high temperature and freezing);
2. Please store out of the range within children touch.
· Do not drink;
· Do not engage fireworks;
· Wash hands with soap after using;
· Immediately consult doctors for misguided intake and eye contact;
· Do not use for purposes other than vehicle glasses practice.