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Top-24 Automotive coating maintenance

【Product Name】TOP-24 Automotive coating maintenance
[product composition]
The construction is simple, easy to wipe, easy to form a silicon film layer, to give long-term protection of the paint, and has a very good overall performance of gloss, durability, water repellency, anti-fouling properties; this product can be for all hardened plating The use of crystal coating maintenance (including other company products) can also be used for unplated vehicle construction.
[Storage methods]
Avoid storing in high temperature and freezing places; avoid direct sunlight; please do not store in the vehicle.
[Construction method]
Spray TOP-24 on a clean and cool paint surface, spray it in an area of ​​30cm*30cm, and wipe it evenly with a dry towel.
[Precautions during construction]
1, in the plating of the coating on the construction, to confirm the surface of the plated coating completely hardened after the construction;
2. Do not touch water for 12 hours after construction to make it fully dry;
3, can be superimposed construction, the more the number of superposition, the better the effect;
【Cautions and Warnings】
Do not drink; place it out of the reach of children and keep away from children; drink alcohol and enter into eyes; consult a doctor right away; do not use it for anything other than a car.